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ScottScott has been playing guitar since 1993 and has experience in all guitar styles; Classical, Jazz, Blues & Rock whilst specialising in lead guitar.
In December of 1996 Scott was placed 2nd in the "Young Guitarist of the year" competition, (Under 17's category) playing at the Wembley Conference Centre in front of a panel of experts & the conference audience. The event was organised by Guitarist Magazine as part of the 1996 National Music Show.
Scott has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Music with Specialisation in Industry a comprehensive course with classes including: Recording & Sound Production, Music History and Creative Composing Skills & Compositional Techniques.
As well as teaching privately Scott has also taught at several primary schools around Ayrshire, has taught at Belmont, Carrick and Ayr Academies and has lectured at The University Of the West of Scotland - Ayr Campus. Currently Scott holds the role of guitar instructor for the HNC and HND Music courses at Ayrshire College.
Whilst not teaching Scott composes and records his own music, remixes music and plays his collection of guitars. He has also guested as a solo artist in local venues with other musicians and bands.
Scott teaches all standards from beginner to advanced in playing and music theory. He also provides facilities to teach and advise on recording and compositional techniques with a full computer based recording studio at his disposal.
Scott provides a comprehensive service for guitar maintenance and repair as well as advice on set up based on, the world renowned, Dan Erlewine's guitar repair techniques.
A new venture Scott has taken on is customising guitars - this includes custom painting, customised pickguards and backplates, and the impressive fret dot light system. Examples of the work can be seen here.Follow scottsguitar on TwitterVisit Scott's Guitar Lessons on Facebook

Kieran Reilly

Kieran's pictureKieran has been playing guitar for over 10 years and has experience in a variety of styles but specialises in rock and blues. Kieran has been working as a tutor since August 2016 and has risen to the challenge after taking over from a previous tutor. Since starting, Kieran has gained the experience of teaching students from as young as 7 years old who want to become a rock star to adults who just want to have fun. He has established good communication and rapport with both students and their families alike. This combined with his ability to tailor each lesson to the individual student has proven instrumental (pun intended) to the success of these lessons. Outside of tutoring, he has experience of working with kids of different ages and abilities due to being part of a family who fosters.
Throughout secondary school he was a proactive and respected member of the Kyle Academy musical collective, helping various groups of students and teachers alike in a range of different styles from rock and pop singers to ceilidh bands and orchestras. In this time he performed in several contests playing solo guitar, even winning  Young Musician of the Year in both the Junior and Senior phase. He was also awarded 1st place in Higher Music, excelling overall in music due to his enthusiasm and commitment. Expanding his horizons further, he left school and joined the Doon Valley Brass Band as a drummer and percussionist where he was fortunate enough to compete and ultimately win at national level.
He has attended Ayrshire College and completed and achieved top grade in his HNC and HND in Music, and it was during this time he was introduced to Scott. His consistent maturity and commitment throughout his higher education led to his subsequent employment with Scott's Guitar Lessons. His time at Ayrshire College has taught him valuable skills which he has applied to his own self-development including understanding music theory, performance techniques and knowledge of the music industry and is keen to pass on his ever-expanding knowledge to others. Once again, Kieran showed his adaptability as he was keen to help out other bands as a guitarist and drummer in addition to being invested in his own.
His passion for music has extended to his fascination of learning unique instruments such as mandolin, banjo and ocarina (a kind of flute). Kieran also has perfect pitch which helps him to play these different instruments and to learn new tunes.
For your convenience, Kieran has his own transport and is able to travel to your home to conduct lessons.