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Guitar Setups

Please select your setup from the list below to access information regarding your setup.

Name Date Guitar Type Model Access
Steven Pope 6/7/15 Electric Fender Stratocaster
Craig Shields 29/6/15 Electric Fender Telecaster
George Payling 17/6/15 Acoustic Takamine EG260C
Paul Wylie 28/5/15 Electric Fender Telecaster
Bernard Ablett 4/5/15 Electric Aria Pro II Mega Metal Series
Euan Dick 20/3/15 Electric Aria MAC Series
Vinny Gallagher 16/3/15 Electric Westfield Strat shape
George Payling 25/2/15 Electric Squier Telecaster
JP Gourlay 3/2/15 Electric PRS SE Zack Myers
Chris McIntyre 23/1/15 Acoustic Ibanez V50NJP
David Kean 20/1/15 Acoustic Freshman
Bryn Meehan 19/11/14 Electric Ibanez RG Prestige
Heather Kyle 17/11/14 Acoustic Ashton SL29CEQWRS
Bryn Meehan 12/11/14 Electric Fender Stratocaster
Tony McCartney 6/10/14 Electric Fender Stratocaster
Stephen Snook 2/10/14 Acoustic Taylor GS Mini
David Kean 26/9/14 Acoustic Cort Grand Op
Stephen Snook 27/8/14 Electric Fender Stratocaster
Bill Muir 3/6/14 Acoustic Ukelele
George Payling 26/5/14 Electric Fender Stratocaster
Jim Donnachie 29/1/14 Electric Cort X-6SM
David logan 12/12/13 Acoustic Martin GPCPA4
Kevin Paulin 5/12/13 Electric Fender Starcaster
Blair Hughes 29/10/13 Acoustic Brunswick BP200
Sam Kenny 2/9/13 Acoustic Takamine EG440C
Craig Speirs 30/8/13 Electric Hohner B BassB
Ron Rodger 7/8/13 Acoustic Fender DG-5CESBST
Kevin Paulin 29/7/13 Electric Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Ron Rodger 25/6/13 Electric Gordon Smith Graduate Slim
Chris Andreucci 1/6/13 Electric Rally Guitars PRS Style
Davy Flynn 22/4/13 Electric Gibson SG
Simon Atkinson 5/4/13 Acoustic Tanglewood TSF CE R
Alan Boyd 4/4/13 Acoustic Jim Deacon Dreadnought Cutaway
Alan Wood 15/3/13 Acoustic Yamaha FG-430
David Logan 14/2/13 Electric Ibanez RG Premium
Chris Andreucci 13/1/13 Electric AXL Relic HSS
Chris Andreucci 28/11/12 Electric Gibson SG
Kevin Paulin 13/11/12 Electric Fender Telecaster
Simon Atkinson 8/11/12 Acoustic Stagg SW206/12
Ron Rodger 1/11/12 Electric Epiphone Sorrento OR
Jordan Allison 25/10/12 Acoustic Freshman FA1GAM
Chris McConnell 22/8/12 Electric Custom Telecaster
Heather Dick 31/7/12 Acoustic Westfield B200F
Simon Carr 21/6/12 Electric Fender Telecaster (Road-worn)
Marc Gurun 29/5/12 Acoustic Hohner MC-05
Ron Rodger 29/5/12 Acoustic Ibanez EW20W NEN
Craig Smith 30/3/12 Acoustic Fender T-Bucket 300CE
Bryn Meehan 23/3/12 Electric Ibanez RG Prestige
Kevin Paulin 12/3/12 Acoustic Fender Sonoran
Jennifer Logan 2/3/12 Acoustic Freshman FA1AP
Robert Lyon 27/2/12 Electric Ibanez RG
Simon Atkinson 23/2/12 Acoustic Stagg SW206